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Yearly Maintenance for Your Semi-Truck in Wyoming

Your semi-truck and trailer can last for many years if you get regular maintenance. Below is  a guide of yearly checks and tasks to perform.

When to Visit a Mechanic

You should visit a mechanic at least once a year.  Get a diagnostic test done, along with a general inspection, and a wheel realignment. Inspections and diagnostic tests give you important insight into how your engine is running.  You can also catch mechanical issues before they become problems.


There are quite a few fluids that are extremely important for your semi-truck. You should check and top off your fluids once every few months. Once a year, or when the coolant, brake fluid, and transmission fluid begin to look dirty they should be drained. Flush the systems with the proper cleaners, close the drain valves, and refill with clean fluid.


Regularly inspect your battery and its connected parts. Make sure your terminal points and cables have no corrosion. You can make a cleaning paste of baking soda and water. Use a small brush  to apply the mixture and allow it to sit for around 5 minutes. Then simply wipe it off after a few minutes. Be careful not to get any battery acid on your skin.

Air Conditioner

Change the air filter located behind your glove box once a year or so. Also check your condenser. Be sure that the fans are running and that there is no sign of leaking or damaged parts.

Serious Mechanical Issues

 If you have a serious mechanical issue that you can’t handle yourself contact:

Marshall’s Truck Repair in Rock Springs, Wyoming located at 50096 S Highway #191, Rock Springs, WY 82901

(307) 362-2460