semi brake repair Wyoming


Brakes are your first line of defense against accidents. It’s a necessity to always be aware of what is happening with them and get them checked even before they begin to fail or become noisy.  It cannot be stressed enough inspect your brakes  on a regular basis.Brakes should be checked every time you go in for an oil or filter change.

Most common signs you need a brake check:

Grinding or Screeching noises when you brake

Cause: The majority of the time, this will indicate that your brake pads are worn  and should to be replaced immediately. The grinding and screeching is not a warning of future problems, it is a mechanical problem that needs to be taken care of as soon as possible. Not replacing your brake pads at this point will result in serious problems and much more expensive repairs.

Your ABS light on the dashboard is on

Cause: Have it checked out by a semi repair shop. If there are no discernible problems and the light is still coming on, it could be a wiring or electrical plug-in problem.

Pulsating or shaky braking

Cause: As your semi truck brakes are used over and over there is a great amount of  heat generated. Wear is caused by friction. Eventually, this can warp the rotors by thinning them out. This can lead to a “shaky” feeling when braking.

Difficulty braking

Cause: This can be many things and requires a full inspection of your brake system by a certified diesel mechanic.

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