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Commercial Semi Truck Trailer Maintenance and Repair in Wyoming

Semi trailer repair and maintenance is a needed part of staying safe and minimizing expensive down time. Choosing the right trailer repair shop is very important. Let’s look at a few areas of trailer maintenance and repair:
Lighting and Electrical Diagnostic Maintenance and Repair
Damage and problems related to wear to a trailer’s lighting or electrical system can often be challenging to diagnose and can also be even more difficult to repair. The service technicians at Marshall’s Truck Repair in Wyoming will isolate each lighting and electrical area individually and trace the lines until the problem is identified. From replacing a seven-way receptacle to rewiring the main harness, we can help you.
Air Systems Diagnostic and Repair
Proper and timely maintenance and repair of your trailer’s air brake system can be critical to safe and efficient stopping. The enemies to your air system can be dirt, oil and moisture. They can clog up your air system which can result in uneven, insufficient, or slow application, of your brakes. Brakes may not release or apply and will ultimately cause a break down or accident.
Suspension Repair and Replacement
Safety issues can occur when components that make up a trailer’s suspension becomes worn or damaged. Look for unusual tire wear-and-tear or increased steering wheel and in-cab vibration. One of our technicians can inspect and provide a complete diagnosis of your trailer suspension.
At Marshall’s truck repair located in the Rock Springs / Green River Wyoming area, we can help you with all of your semi trailer maintenance and repair. Please contact us today at:
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