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Commercial Semi Truck Air Dryer Servicing and Maintenance in Rock Springs and Green River Wyoming

The importance of keeping the air system in your commercial semi truck working at 100% capacity is very important. Not only does the braking and suspension systems depend on a reliable and consistent source of air pressure, but air system failures from water, particles and oil can take your truck out of service. It can cause thousands of dollars in repairs plus lost revenue.

There is a perception that maintaining the air dryer system is simply a matter of changing  the air dryer cartridge. Many times there can be air dryer assembly and purge valve problems. Changing the cartridge is not always enough.

When doing air dryer service, it can also be critical to replace the air dryer purge valve. This is a situation where spending a little MONEY now can save you a lot of money later.

The reason that it is critical to change the air dryer purge valve is that it is possible for the valve to fail and possibly become stuck in the air dryer assembly. The result will be an extra repair and expense to replace the entire assembly when simply replacing the purge valve when changing the air dryer cartridge could have prevented down time.

Don’t get stuck on the side of the road with a load, waiting for roadside service because this simple routine maintenance was not thoroughly done.

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